For 20 years, BIGWATER SERVICES LLC has been offering excellent 'Day Porter’ services to commercial properties throughout west central Florida and along the Gulf Coast.
Industrial Parks, Office Parks & Shopping Centers


Our knowledgeable, uniformed staff will carry out all duties with the utmost respect for your properties. We are fully insured and licensed.

Save your investment with BIGWATER

Beautiful properties depreciate instantly with unsightly trash! BIGWATER specializes in litter removal on land and in the water. We offer daily, weekly or monthly service contracts to keep appearances at the highest standards. 

We are on-call 24/7 and provide many services on weekends and holidays to avoid any disturbance for tenants/visitors.


What you can get from BIGWATER.

Pressure Washing 

Power wash away the years. Using advanced equipment and techniques BIGWATER can have your exterior and roof sparkling in the Florida Sun.

Pond and Lake Maintenance 

Tired of the unsightly green in your lake or pond. Have no fear, BIGWATER can get you back to new, refreshing, clean water that will dazzle any gaze.


Need to improve the look of your pond or lake? BIGWATER has you covered. With a newly developed 
GardenSail your pond or lake can be springing with color and vitality.

Fire Watch 

Need Fire Watch service, BIGWATER has you covered, indoors and out. When your automated systems are out of service, BIGWATER is in service, providing around the clock coverage as needed.

Exterior Windows 

Tired of looking through years of scum build up? BIGWATER's professional services can gently remove the build up and deliver timely cleanings to bring nature inside.

Litter Removal 

Unsightly trash and overflowing waste receptacles can be a hazard for people and wildlife. BIGWATER wants to protect our woodland friends and our neighbors - let us help you help everyone.

Parking Lot Sweeper 

BIGWATER can keep your parking lots free from unsightly debris that can detract from the prestige of your facilities. Removing the foreign items, greatly reduces the maintenance effort and cost of ponds, lakes and other water features as well as beautifying the area. Clients will have inviting areas for egress and ingress. Most importantly, by keeping the parking areas free from trash and other unwanted items we are working together to keep everyone safe.


See for yourself - real customers, real satisfaction.